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When you are dealing with legal issues or problems, the attorney you choose can make the difference between achieving a quick and effective resolution and suffering significant personal and financial losses. At Sebaly Shillito + Dyer, our attorneys apply decades of legal experience to devise legal strategies that achieve your specific goals.

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The Human Resource – Can You Identify Concerted Activity? ICRC-TV – Jan 23, 2024

January 25, 2024 | Karl R. Ulrich

In today’s dynamic workplace, understanding the nuances of ‘Concerted Activity’ is crucial for both employers and employees. The term might sound complex, but its implications are deeply rooted in everyday workplace interactions. As protected by the National Labor Relations Act, Concerted Activity encompasses various forms of employee behavior aimed at improving their work conditions. It’s not just about union activities; it’s about recognizing and respecting the collective voice of employees.

Karl Ulrich from Sebaly Shillito + Dyer, a seasoned expert in labor law, joins forces with Pandy Pridemore on ICRC-TV to shed light on this pivotal topic. They dive deep into the realm of employer-employee relations, discussing what constitutes Concerted Activity and why it’s a linchpin in maintaining a fair and just workplace. The conversation is enlightening, especially for employers navigating the complexities of modern labor laws.

Their discussion unveils key aspects of the National Labor Relations Act, emphasizing how it shields employees from unjust discipline or termination stemming from their involvement in protected activities. But it’s not just a protective shield; it’s a guideline for fostering a respectful and legally compliant work environment. Understanding these nuances is not just a legal necessity; it’s a cornerstone of effective and ethical management

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