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Diversity Statement

Since the inception of the firm, diversity has been the cornerstone of SS+D. Diversity was first apparent when the firm was formed by a group that included a woman. Diversity is not just a business practice; it reflects who we are, individually and as a firm, and how we live our lives outside of the workplace.  We believe that by recruiting, hiring, and promoting people of different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and preferences, the quality of our work life is improved and the legal services that we provide to our clients are more creative. Our leadership role in diversity within the legal community requires us to not only support diversity within our firm but to also promote the principles of diversity in the communities in which we live.

Our commitment to diversity, like our tireless advocacy for our clients, is what makes SS+D a solid business partner inside the courtroom or across the negotiation table.  Below are the SS+D Aspirations on Social Justice and Inclusion.

SS+D Aspirations on Social Justice and Inclusion

We will aspire to be a part of social justice and inclusion, and we include this aspiration in our core values.

To achieve our Aspiration, we will:

Educate ourselves on matters of social justice,  inclusion, and the role race plays in our society and in our lives.

Engage, and where appropriate invest in, community initiatives that are meaningful to social justice and inclusion.

Encourage our vendors and others to take the social justice and inclusion journey with us.

Employ college students of color through our Minority College Student Development Program.

Evaluate our achievements annually.